Common Health Issues of Geckos

Geckos are not unsusceptible to health problems. Some of the most typically seen conditions consist of:

  • Stomatitis – Likewise called mouth rot, stomatitis is as gross as it appears and needs to be dealt with as early as possible. You’ll observe a red discoloration around the gecko’s mouth and also possibly some pus which resembles cottage cheese.
  • Respiratory system issues – A gecko that is wheezing or salivating might have a breathing infection. These are typically caused from a draft or reduced temperature levels in the unit.
  • Parasites – Both interior as well as exterior, geckos additionally are often affected with parasitical infections. Worms and microscopic eggs might remain in the feces and also tiny mites might be on the surface area of the skin. Parasitic infections on the skin will appear like a red rash or you might observe your gecko has trouble dropping while internal bloodsuckers can create sluggishness, modifications in cravings, and also unusual droppings.
  • Dysecdysis – This elegant word for troubles dropping is a big trouble for geckos who do not have correct moisture in their units.